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Founder Story

Meet Rishabh Agarwal, the visionary force behind the captivating story of Diavo. Born and raised in the culturally rich city of Moradabad, Rishabh initially set out on a path destined for success in Chartered Accountancy. However, fate intervened, redirecting him toward the heart of his family's legacy – the world of jewelry.

His family business, a diverse empire encompassing Jewelry, textiles,Hotel, and even a hospital, offered Rishabh a multifaceted understanding of successful enterprise management. Yet, it was a pivotal moment that sparked his entrepreneurial spirit, leading him to the realm of e-commerce.

Recognizing the changing landscape of retail and the rise of online shopping, Rishabh decided to focus on his true passion. With unwavering determination, he launched Diavo, an e-commerce jewelry platform that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Rishabh's commitment to bringing the elegance of his family's jewelry to a global audience sets the stage for Diavo's remarkable journey.

Enter Anushka Agarwal, the creative powerhouse behind Diavo. Hailing from the vibrant city of Bareilly, Anushka's journey into the world of jewelry was not just a profession but a deep-rooted passion. Armed with a background in jewelry and an MBA from Amity University, Anushka brought a perfect blend of creativity and strategic insight to Diavo.

As Rishabh's partner in both life and business, Anushka played a pivotal role in transforming Diavo from an online store into a reflection of their shared love for jewelry. Together, the couple curated a collection that effortlessly merged modern trends with the timeless beauty of traditional Indian craftsmanship.

Anushka's dedication and creativity have been instrumental in propelling Diavo to new heights. Her commitment to delivering exquisite pieces with a touch of tradition is evident in every aspect of the brand. As the couple continues to script their success story, Anushka's influence remains a key element in Diavo's journey as a beacon of elegance in the vast landscape of e-commerce.



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