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LOTUS 24K (999.9) 20 GM GOLD BAR - Diavo Jewels
LOTUS 24K (999.9) 20 GM GOLD BAR - Diavo Jewels
LOTUS 24K (999.9) 20 GM GOLD BAR - Diavo Jewels

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LOTUS 24K (999.9) 20 GM GOLD BAR

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Discover the timeless allure of the Lotus, India's revered National Flower, celebrated for millennia as a symbol of purity, vitality, rebirth, and spiritual awakening. Presenting the gracefully crafted Lotus 20-gram gold bar, a testament to elegance, featuring 24K, 999.9 gold purity, a hallmark guaranteed by MMTC-PAMP. The Lotus, distinguished by its exquisitely shaped petals in shades of white or pink, boasts an iconic silhouette, deeply entwined with divinity, showcased across India's rich iconographic heritage. This illustrious flower transcends borders, resonating with cultures and philosophies globally, particularly within Eastern religions like Jainism and Buddhism. The MMTC-PAMP Lotus 20-gram gold bar showcases this enduring symbol with exceptional precision on 999.9 pure gold. Whether securing your financial future or delighting a loved one with a cherished gift, this pure gold bar promises enduring value and admiration.

About the Brand: Diavo, a modern jewelry brand, has entered into a pioneering collaboration with MMTC-PAMP, renowned for offering the purest gold and silver bars and coins. This groundbreaking partnership means that, within the Diavo platform, you can now not only discover exquisite jewelry but also acquire MMTC-PAMP's coveted gold and silver coins and bars. This synergy seamlessly blends tradition and contemporary craftsmanship, providing you access to the highest quality gold and silver offerings. Diavo, in collaboration with MMTC-PAMP, has set a new standard for purity and elegance in both coins and jewelry. Explore this extraordinary partnership and elevate your collection with the purest gold and silver available today.

Net Weight (gm): 20

Denomination (gm): 20

Categories: Gold

Weight: 20 gm

Metal: Gold

Purity: 24K

Shape: Square

Dimension: 18 x 31 mm

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  1. Free Liftime Plating
  2. 6 Months Warranty
  3. Easy 30 Days Return
  4. Free Shipping
  5. Brand owned and marketed by: Madhuram Group
    2nd Floor, Madhuram Tower, Avas Vikas, Civil Lines, Moradabad, 244001 Moradabad Uttar Pradesh, India

LOTUS 24K (999.9) 20 GM GOLD BAR

₹ 157,612.00 Regular price ₹ 162,340.00



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